CIS Important Dates and Deadlines


Fall 2016 semester

The Official CIS Request Period is October 17-28

  • Authorized department CIS Contacts (not faculty) utilize the CIS Administrative system to manage paper and electronic CIS requests on behalf of the departments/instructors.
  • In order to access the CIS Administrative system, the dept. staff person (CIS Contact) must first communicate his/her status as a CIS Contact to the CIS Office and complete the CIS Departmental Contact training class. Registration for this class occurs via UTLearn.
  • Faculty/TAs/AIs should inquire within the department regarding internal processes for communicating CIS preferences, etc. to their dept. CIS Contact. During the Request Period, instructors may also check their MyCIS page to see the name of the associated CIS Contact as well as the current requests made on their behalf.

The Official CIS Administration Period is November 21-December 5

  • Between Oct. 31-Nov. 17, the CIS Office will notify CIS Contacts once their department's paper CIS are ready for retrieval from the Scanning Office. Details regarding retrieval are provided in the email notification.
  • Department CIS Contacts are responsible for managing paper CIS administration within the departments. In addition to ensuring the packets are kept in a secure location, it is important to have a process wherein the correct packet is retrieved for the correct class/instructor. Further, the forms must be completed in pencil; therefore, it is recommended that each department provide pencils to students during the administration.
  • Electronic CIS (eCIS) are available to associated students only during the Official CIS Administration Period. Students with assigned eCIS receive up to four auto email notifications (total, not per eCIS) with instructions to login to the eCIS site. More information about "How to Take an eCIS" can be found here.
  • Instructor may choose to "administer" the mobile-adaptive eCIS during class time just as in paper CIS administration. Per policy, instructors may not be present during any CIS administration.

The paper CIS RETURN DEADLINE is December 15.

  • In order to be officially processed for reported/posted results, a paper CIS must be returned by the department to the Scanning Office or CIS Dropbox (both located in the GSB 2.100 Corridor) by this deadline.
  • The CIS Office will notify department CIS Contacts via email between January 9-20 regarding retrieval of their department's paper CIS for the Provisional Results Period as well as Official Retention Period.
  • Academic departments are responsible for official retention management of paper CIS according to university policies for records management.
  • The department may designate instructors as custodians of their paper CIS during the Retention Period (10 years), but paper CIS are property of UT Austin (not instructors).

Provisional Results for electronic CIS (eCIS) post to MyCIS on December 19. *exception: provisional eCIS results for Law courses post on Jan. 23.

Provisional Results for paper CIS post to MyCIS on January 23.

  • MyCIS is a restricted site: Instructors may access their own results only and authorized CIS Contacts (dept. staff) may also access this site for business or educational purposes.
  • Student comments on paper CIS are available only via the hard copies.
  • Student comments on eCIS are available to instructors via their MyCIS page (for their own results only) and to authorized department CIS Contacts. They are not posted publicly.

The RESCAN PERIOD, used to correct a detected processing error, is January 24-February 8.

  • Instructors who discover a processing error (= compare posted results on MyCIS to data contained in packet) should communicate with their dept. CIS Contact re: submitting a Rescan request.
  • CIS Contacts, not instructors, will coordinate with the CIS Office to submit and retrieve rescanned paper CIS packets.
  • Forms completed in pen, as well as variant form types (e.g. an E100 form included in a packet of B100 forms; photocopied forms) cannot be scanned for results; therefore, the aforementioned are not included in posted results. Although such form are returned within the associated packet, they do not qualify for a Rescan.
  • ***ATTENTION*** A perceived discrepancy in a student's response pattern (e.g. marked "strongly disagree" on items 1-7 but marked "Excellent" on OVERALL COURSE/OVERALL INSTRUCTOR items) is not a CIS processing error and does not qualify for a Rescan. Per policy, the CIS Office does not alter or deleted student responses.

Official CIS Results post to MyCIS & *CIS Results Site on February 10

*CIS Results must meet the following criteria to post to the CIS Results Site:

  • at least five responses
  • at least 20% response rate
  • be configured such that the data is officially "recognized" by the Institutional Reporting, Research, & Information System (IRRIS)
  • Basic (B) or Expanded (E) series form was utilized; results for TA forms do not post to the CIS Results site.