Changing Education Symposium

On March 30, 2017, UT held the Changing Education Symposium [#UTChangingEd] to explore new approaches to redesigning undergraduate education and to better meet the needs of a digital, mobile, and continually evolving society. The format included keynote presentations punctuated by short talks and plenty of time for discussions in breakout sessions. The organizing themes were intended to connect high-level concepts and developments with institutional decisions and instructional practice:

  • Leveraging technology: how to engage faculty in adopting digital teaching tools and delivery platforms that can educate at scale and provide flexibility without sacrificing quality.
  • Using evidence-based assessments and analytics: collecting and analyzing data to guide change.
  • Redesigning curricula and scaling innovation: methods for redesigning students’ degree pathways, incorporating experiential learning, and changing the infrastructure of the 21st century public research university.