Curriculum Redesign

alt="An undergraduate student hones her lab skills on one side of the image and on the other she is a seasoned professor showing students how to do what she learned years earlier."

Curriculum Redesign

Because UT Austin educates future leaders, our graduates must be creative, collaborative, and lifelong learners. Their coursework and learning experiences must foster skills and competencies as well as content knowledge. And that may take some change.
One Perspective

How can we work with your department?

We can:

  • Provide information about student outcomes, via surveys of employers and alumni or focus groups with students.
  • Connect you with other local innovators pursuing similar work.
  • Help you develop a picture of the current curriculum and identify problems and needs.
  • Bring relevant models of new approaches, methods, and technologies for student learning.
  • Develop an assessment plan and help put it in place
  • Help navigate institutional rules and policies as you experiment with bold models.

What is our approach?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for Curriculum Redesign, but we’ve developed a flexible process that fits the needs and interests of each departmental partner. 

  1. Buy-in: Form a core, committed faculty curriculum action team. We work with departments to articulate a vision for their degree programs that incorporates three key voices: faculty, employers, and students.
  2. Knowledge Building: Collect and synthesize supporting data and reports from the student, alumni, department and employer perspectives. Develop a map of current curriculum with student learning outcomes.
  3. Curriculum redesign: Brainstorm and derive solutions to address department aspirations and pain points using the evidence collected.
  4. Implement solutions.

Who is doing this at UT?

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • School of Journalism
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • College of Pharmacy
  • Educational Psychology
  • Department of Government
  • Department of English