DIY Microgrant (2019-20)

Girl in Google VR googles

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What are DIY Microgrants?

The Faculty Innovation Center is pleased to offer our second round of DIY Microgrants for projects and courses in the upcoming academic year (Fall 2019 and/or Spring 2020).  DIY Microgrants are awards that do not exceed $500 and that provide faculty with startup funds to purchase educational technology or software to pilot and/or build technology-enhanced learning experiences for their courses.

Congratulations to those who were recently selected for awards!


Microgrant Award Grantees 2019


Elizabeth Catlos

Department: Geological Sciences

Title: Creating Videos on Site (at a dig in the UK) for an Introductory Geology Course


Erin Reilly

Department: Journalism 

Title: Using Bluetooth Beacons for Experimental Storytelling


Jakki Bailey

Department: School of Information Studies

Title: 3D Storytelling with Unity


Deborah Rush

Department: Chemistry

Title: Using Camtasia to Create Flipped Classroom Resources for Chemistry


Nina Young

Department: Butler School of Music Streaming

Title: Concerts: Filming in the Electronic Music Studio


John Daly

Department: Communication Studies

Title: Using Camtasia for Supplemental Instruction in Public Speaking Courses


Michael Parent

Department: Educational Psychology

Title: Creating Podcasts for Educational Psychology