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Thursday April 19, 2018
Inclusive Teaching & Learning Symposium
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
CLA 1.302B


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Program Information (more details to come closer to event):

What does inclusivity mean to you? How does that definition get translated into practice in your approach to teaching & learning? Come join us for an interactive series of sessions devoted to developing an inclusive teaching and learning mindset—a way of thinking that asks you how best to create opportunities for all students to connect with you, the course material, and each other. Dialogue with instructors from all around campus while learning about key strategies, innovative approaches, and campus resources devoted to empowering you and your students. Lunch will be provided.

Opening remarks by Dr. Audrey Sorrells (Associate Dean of Students for Research in the Office of the Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs) and Eric Saldanha (Executive Board, Student Government)

Workshop Facilitators:

Dr. Julie Minich (Associate Professor, Department of English, Mexican American and Latina_o Studies, Center for Mexican American Studies, Center for Women's and Gender Studies)

Sarah Le Pichon (Graduate Student, Assistant Instructor, Department of French and Italian)

Lisa Sigafoos (Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant, Department of Special Education) & Dr. Jim Patton (Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Special Education)

Dr. Andrew Dell'Antonio (Professor, Butler School of Music and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, College of Fine Arts)

Shane Whalley (Lecturer, Steve Hicks School of Social Work, Gender and Sexuality Center Affiliate)

Closing Remarks by Dr. Keffrelyn Brown (Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Center for Women's and Gender Studies, Center for African and African American Studies, Department of African and African Diaspora Studies)

Event co-sponsored by the Faculty Innovation Center & the College of Liberal Arts