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Tuesday Sept. 12
Global Learning—Beyond Study Abroad
1 to 2:30 p.m.
SZB 450H

Join us at the FIC to participate in this AAC&U webinar on integrating global learning across curricula! See below for details on the topic.


Student engagement with global issues and perspectives should no longer rest with one elective or one semester of study abroad. The world we live in has made it increasingly important for academic leaders to integrate global learning into all levels of higher education, at institutions of all types and sizes, as a core component of higher education.

The panelists for Global Learning—Beyond Study Abroad will engage in a robust discussion, which will cover

  • frameworks, models, and proven strategies to integrate global learning across the curriculum;
  • definitions and tools to guide campus discussions and institutional framing of global learning for students and educators;
  • examples of robust, real world, community-based curricular and cocurricular global learning experiences;
  • professional development approaches to implement and sustain global learning integration across disciplines and majors; and
  • highlights from Models of Global Learning, a forthcoming AAC&U publication that documents how selected institutions have sustained their global learning programs, practices, and structures over time