Sunday April 19
Deeper Dive: Panopto
5 to 6 p.m.
Zoom webinar

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Join us Sunday from 5-6 pm as we go through some of the ways Panopto can help end this semester on a high note.  The series of demos offered today will cover many of the topics addressed in individual Panopto sessions this semester.  

Demo #1-  Using Panopto for Student Video Assignments-  Over the past two years, our students have created between 1500 and 2000 6 minute Panopto videos on a wide range of topics. This demonstration will show you how to setup Canvas to allow your students to record into a private Assignments folder on Panopto, that only the instructor and the student can access by default, but that can be changed by the student to allow greater access.

Demo #2- Panopto Mobile- Here's the sure-fire way to boost those end of the semester CIS ratings. What if all of your students had a video camera they could use with Panopto? The vast majority of them do, their smartphones. This demonstration will show you how to install and use Panopto Mobile within Canvas. We will show you how to create a video assignment, a rubric to grade it with, and how you can grade  using Panopto, Speedgrader, or both.

Demo #3- Video Quizzes in Panopto- Have you ever had your students watch a video, and then take a quiz?  Have you ever wanted to put a quiz INSIDE the video, that could redirect students to the content they were not watching when they get the wrong answer, then grade itself and put the grade in the Canvas Gradebook?  Panopto supports video quizzing with a variety of options, and this demonstration will take you through building a quiz, taking the quiz as a student in Panopto, and seeing your grade in the Canvas gradebook.

This webinar will be facilitated by members of the iSchool IT Lab.

Before joining this session, please review the Panopto materials available in the Faculty Innovation Center's "Instructional Continuity" site.  In addition, the School of Information at UT has created a list of video tutorials that are applicable to anyone creating materials in Panopto in Canvas.