Wednesday May 12
2021 Technology Enhanced Learning Symposium
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

UPDATE: Please refer to the full schedule for the TEL 2021 here

Symposium Keynote Presenter

Dr. Maha Bali

Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching
(American University in Cairo

Mind the Gap: Innovation and Interaction During A Year of Resilient Teaching  

This year has challenged all of us in different ways. Many of us feel that we are just getting by, scrambling to save our plans for student learning during a massive viral outbreak. But soon, we will turn to the design of courses, lessons, projects, and resources for future semesters. And when we do, how shall we make sense of this year?

How should we plan to fold these new directions into future semesters in a way that acknowledges the potential of these experiences to instigate positive change? For this year's TEL Symposium, we would like to take a moment to reflect on what new skills or new insights we have gleaned from this year of resilient teaching. What have we learned about our classes, our students, and ourselves during a time in which we had to address issues and concerns that we may not have fully addressed in previous years? What elements of the digital divide and the gaps in our perceptions about the student experience and student realities must we address? What new resources or academic support models need to flex and adapt to new or newly acknowledged realities? What new partners or collaborators (on- or off-campus) have become more vital for our roles as teachers and researchers with our students? What have we learned about the distinctions between digital and in-person learning, what can be digital and what must remain "non-digital"?

Overall, adopting a resilient pedagogy requires planning for and clearly articulating the important interactions that facilitate learning, including all the ways that teachers and students need to communicate with one another, see one another, learn from one another, in a variety of contexts that are important to our learning goals and outcomes. It entails minding all the gaps that we have discovered and finding ways to cross them.  

Facilitating sessions this semester will be awardees of the 2021 COVID Transformational Online Instruction Contributions (TONIC) Awards. We are excited to share the innovative approaches they have created and model them for general adoption across campus!

Symposium Information

UPDATE: Please refer to the full schedule for the TEL 2021 here

The Campus Computer Store will act a co-sponsor for the symposium. Based on feedback from participants, we will award a FIC Maxigrant to the presentation/project/resource that is voted as being the most notable and innovative. This grant will include an iPad Air 10.9 64 GB (in a color of the grantees’ choice), a 2nd generation Apple pencil, a Magic Keyboard, and two years of Apple Care +. It is the intention of this grant to further innovation through using the iPad and its peripheries to create, model, or extend that work. If a panel or group presentation is voted as the recipient, it will be understood that the group will find a way to share or use the gear in an appropriate way. The Maxigrant will be open to anyone who presents at the symposium (including recent FIC grantees) but we are going to rule out recent TONIC award winners.

TOPICS: We welcome proposals from any member of the UT community that would like to share the insights gleaned and new directions crafted over this academic year. Suggested proposal areas include but are not limited to:

  • Innovative Teaching Models
  • New Professional Development Opportunities
  • Infrastructural or Resource Development (new technologies or resources on how to use educational technologies)
  • Universal Design for Learning / Inclusivity in Teaching and Learning in a Pandemic/Post-Pandemic World
  • Future Direction in Higher Education 

FORMATS: We welcome different formats for presenting your work.

  • Individual or Group Presentation (15 minutes)
  • Panel Session (15 minutes)
  • Hands-On Workshop (60 minutes) 
  • Lightning Talk (7 minutes)

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