First Friday Think Tank

Canvas Tips and Tricks

Ryan Myers, Faculty Innovation Center

We discussed weighting grades in discussion groups, evaluating discussion threads, setting up Powerpoint slides on Canvas Quiz, and using Outcomes with Speedgrader.

"I showed up thinking that uploading a syllabus to Canvas had been a singular and wonderful skill that I had already mastered. Only five minutes in, though, it became clear that if we were going to attend any meeting on the last day of classes we were going to get down to serious work—and that there was much more to learn about Canvas’ capabilities."

Penne Restad, Senior Fellow

Tips on Collaboration

Make sure your Google Drive integration with Canvas is set up using your @utexas email. (If you don't have a @utexas email account, you can go to

In Canvas, select account, then settings:

  • Scroll down to web services, and select Google Drive
    • You will want to make sure you are logged into your @utexas email in another window and logged out of other @gmail accounts before you set up Drive in Canvas
  • To start a new collaboration in your course, select collaborations from the left side pop-out window
    • Next, select "Start a New Collaboration"
  • Give your collaboration a new, description, and select participants. Once you click Start Collaborating at the bottom of the page, your google doc will be created in your @utexas account and shared with the people whom you have selected