Brad Love

Brad Love

Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations
Coaching Career Success

Project Update

This initiative is an assessment program to examine several career-skills activities targeted at preparing students for life after their baccalaureate degrees. In partnership with experts in the Vick Center for Strategic Advising and the College of Education, the project will gather data over two years to study the effectiveness of ongoing efforts to build personal development skills relevant to thriving post-graduation, such as self-awareness, positive coping, and self-efficacy, among others. Phase 1 focused on project and measurement design. The ongoing Phase 2 involves testing the survey and interview tools before the ongoing data collection (Phase 3) kicks off this summer.

Project Overview

My initiative seeks to create peer mentoring relationships among senior faculty known for outstanding student engagement and junior faculty interested in developing those skills.

What was an influential learning experience that you had as an undergraduate?

What are you passionate about?

Aside from student engagement, I'm also passionate about understanding how students learn as well as how out-of-classroom support impacts learning, especially for first-year students.

What is a teaching strategy that you've learned from another Fellow?

A great teaching tip I picked up involves having students bring to class index cards with two thoughtful questions. These are then re-distributed and used as a springboard for conversation. Among many things, what's wonderful about the idea is that it's a low-stakes assessment of where students are and what they're understanding so that class time can be used to fill in and connect essential pieces.