Brian Bremen

Brian Bremen

Department of English
Graduate Student Training and Support in Lower-Division Literature Classes

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to reorganize the E314 classes -- a primary lower-division English course offering (@ 32 sections per year) -- by keeping the major variants but having each course structure itself according to a series of units that focus on particular analytical, expressive, or research oriented skills, relevant to both the study of literature and the academic success of a student, regardless of the field of study he or she chooses to enter. The project team will offer a series of workshops in each semester in order to train graduate students in how to best develop those skills in their students and mentor these instructors throughout the year.

What was an influential learning experience that you had as an undergraduate?

What inspired your passion for teaching?

Originally, I was going to teach secondary school for three years before applying to law school, but I soon discovered that teaching offered me the opportunity to always be learning, as well as to sharpen those abilities in my students.  I was hooked.  But the more I learned, the more I became enamored of my own ideas, rather than focus on my students' ideas.  Teaching at the university level enabled me to both pursue my own interests while continuing to build those skills in my students.

What advice do you have for other teachers?

The one thing we can always learn from our students is how to be a better teacher.

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Dr. Bremen is part of the Provost Teaching Fellows program. Find out more about this Faculty Initiative here.