Calvin Lin

Calvin Lin

Department of Computer Science
Senior Fellow

What are you passionate about?

From a macroscopic level, I enjoy getting the most out of students so by the end of the course they look back and are amazed at what they accomplished.  At a microscopic level, teaching students to have a healthy respect for the craft of programming including testing, debugging, and documentation.  Ulimately, it's about getting students to ask good questions about the code they are writing.

What is the focus of your Provost's Teaching Fellow project?

The crux of my project is to create a positve culture for women within Computer Science.  At, UT, we have a strong culture but we can always do better.  This project pulls together a Dream Team of 5 amazing women to help chase better ways of supporting women both faculty and students. 

What was an influential learning experience that you had as an undergraduate?

A professor I had was all about clarity.  In a final programming project, he didn't compile and run our programs but simply read through the code examining our clarity of thought,