Course Transformation for Biostatistics

CIG: Course Transformation for SDS 328M Biostatistics

Sally Amen, Kristin Harvy, Bindu Viswanathan

College of Natural Sciences

The Biostatistics Course Transformation project enables students to become successful learners through increased preparation of content material outside of class as well as increased participation during lectures and labs. It builds upon the successes of SDS 302 course transformation and applies them to SDS 328M Biostatistics, a required course for seven degree programs, including BSA Biology, BSA Neuroscience, BS in Public Health, and four of the BS in Biology tracks. The course impacts over 1,000 students per year.

Small-stakes assessments required at the start of each new topic hold students accountable for familiarizing themselves with content material before coming to lab while in-class team quizzes assess students’ readiness for exams in addition to creating a team-based learning environment. Hands-on, in-class activities, focused on a creative and investigative exploration of topics incite thoughtful discussion among students to deepen their understanding of the content and further solidify key concepts through collaborative learning rather than additional time being spent on lectures. Through team-based learning, hands-on activities, and engagement with course materials outside of the classroom, the project achieves student success in class and better preparation for future courses, labs, and careers in biology, medicine, and health sciences.

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SDS 328M Biostatistics
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