Fundamentals of Reasoning for the Electronic Age

CIG: Fundamentals of Reasoning for the Electronic Age

Alan Cline and Elaine Rich

College of Natural Sciences, Department of Computer Science

The Fundamentals of Reasoning for the Electronic Age (FREGE) is a highly interactive, online learning environment for students who need to acquire skills in logic and the fundamentals of discrete mathematics. The primary audience is incoming Computer Science (CS) students, but the material is accessible to other students who find it useful.

The tools of logic and discrete mathematics are important for all students, and an ability to use them effectively is particularly important to the success of mathematics and computer science students. While logic and discrete mathematics are the basis for almost all work done in CS, most students finish high school with little experience in these areas. FREGE bridges the gap between high school preparation and the skills students will need in their CS classes.

FREGE focuses on the practical use of logic as a reasoning tool and helps students from all disciplines become better thinkers. In particular, FREGE exploits concrete examples from computing and mathematics to grab the attention of students in disciplines in which formal logic plays a key role. Interactive, active-learning applications enable students to write proofs and get hints and immediate feedback as they go along.

FREGE’s content is structured so that it is easy for students to run quickly through any material that they have seen before and focus their time on material that is new or difficult for them.