Janet Walkow and Alan B. Watts

Janet Walkow and Alan B. Watts

College of Pharmacy
Take your Medicine

Everyone gets sick. Thanks to medical innovations in the past 50 years, many diseases and conditions have been either mitigated or even cured through medicine. How does a research innovation turn into a therapeutic medicine that health care providers prescribe to patients?

Dr. Walkow explores the process, challenges and issues in developing and commercializing pharmaceutical products in Developing New Drug products. Learners are provided a glimpse into the complex landscape of new drug development helping them better understand the relevance of drug research to their lives.

In How to Be a Savvy Consumer, learners explore the process, challenges and issues facing consumers when it comes to pharmaceutical products. The focus is on consumer issues in the context of regulations, public welfare, healthcare providers and the importance of communicating with healthcare professionals about their medicines.

Project Highlights:

  • 29 renown speakers from UT Austin, UT system, industry executives and Captain Mary Kremzner from the FDA shared their expertise and insights
  • Engaging, accessible, high quality content featuring expert faculty, industry and regulatory professionals covering a subject rarely offered to the public
  • Instructional animations, scenarios, and puzzler responses facilitate engagement and knowledge-building
  • Open Response Tool pilot implementation provided experimental assessments in large open classes

Learner Insight:

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and to be honest I feel a little sad the course has come to a close. The 8 weeks flew by. TYM was both educational and very much an eye-opener. I hadn't realized the complexity and challenges of drug development and I know we just skimmed the surface. If a follow-up course is ever developed, count me in.