Maggie Myers and Robert van de Geijn

Maggie Myers and Robert van de Geijn

Department of Computer Science
Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers Around the World

Linear algebra is a core subject for all sciences and engineering majors at the University of Texas at Austin. Traditionally this introductory course presents material with a heavy mathematical orientation. In this MOOC the professors take a different approach aimed to engage learners from around the globe by teaching standard topics in a variety of integrated and engaging formats. The use of clear and engaging visuals, hand calculations, mathematical abstractions, and computer programming, along with illustrations of mathematical theory provide deeper context and meaningful approaches to learning linear algebra.

Project Highlights

  • Very active participation on the discussion board by the instructors.

  • Use of iPython Notebook provides students with a hands-on interactive computational environment enabling the interweaving of writing and executing code, text, mathematics, plots and rich media into a single document.

  • Instructional animations provide a richer more engaging learning experience for students.

  • Interactive web-based exercises.

  • “Notes to LAFF With”, a set of comprehensive notes that are a permanent resource for the participants (

Learner Insight

“The algorithms that were discussed in the course helped me to map theory to practice.”

“Personally, I think I am a really visual learner, so I found particularly interesting how lecturers made an effort to geometrically show how some of the more abstract concepts work.”