Mike Mackert

Mike Mackert

Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations
Teaching Fellow

PTF Iniative Update

The Health Communication Scholars Program provides students with experiences that put them at a huge advantage: students learn to write grants, compete for funding and design and complete research projects.

What was an influential learning experience that you had as an undergraduate?

What inspired your passion for teaching?

One of my most memorable teaching experiences at UT was with a team that worked hard to improve all semester but was struggling to "get it." After three preliminary presentations, their final project pitch to an advertising agency client was essentially flawless - they knew it and the agency client was incredibly impressed. That team remained calm and professional as they left the room, but out in the hallway they were jumping up and down in excitement. They grew tremendously over the course of the semester through hard work and dedication, and I've seldom been so proud of a team and happy to see them succeed.

What advice do you have for other teachers?

I think my biggest thought on teaching effectively is to remember what it's like to be a student. If I try to remember what it was like to be a student when designing a course or class, and when I'm actually in the classroom teaching, it helps keep me focused on what is best for the learner.

For more on Dr. Mackert's work, please visit his homepage or email him at mackert@mail.utexas.edu.

Dr. Mackert is part of the Provost Teaching Fellows program. Find out more about this Faculty Initiative here.