MOOCs are free massively open online courses that inspire life-long learning.

In the Fall of 2012, The University of Texas at Austin became the fourth partner to join edX, the online non-profit learning initiative founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Through edX, the “X Universities” provide online interactive education with a goal of enhancing teaching and learning through research about how students learn, and how technologies can facilitate effective teaching both on campus and in the online environment. Since joining edX, UT faculty have developed 10 MOOCs [Massively Open Online Courses].  

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Discovery PreCalculus: A Creative and Connected Approach

Mark Daniels | Mathematics

This new course launches in February 2016.  The strategy for this MOOC is to engage students in the “doing” of mathematics, emphasizing conceptual understanding of mathematical definitions and student development of logical arguments in support of solutions. Major emphasis is placed on why the mathematics topics covered work within the discipline, as opposed to simply the mechanics of the mathematics.  Learn More

How MOOCs Impact Courses at UT

Jeff Hellmer | Butler School of Music

In addition to serving a global community of online students, several UT faculty have redesigned their face-to-face courses. Jeff Hellmer leveraged the tools and resources developed for the MOOC to enrich his Jazz Appreciation course [MUS 307]. Prior to each class, students visit Canvas to watch the video segments covering the information they need to know. This “flipped class” model frees up class time for more musical examples, discussions, and teamwork enabling deeper understanding and application of students’ knowledge.