Instructor Learning Community Grants (2019-20)

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What are Instructor Learning Community Grants?

Instructor Learning Community Grants, open to all instructors (graduate student instructors, lecturers, tenure-track, clinical, tenured), are intended to support in-depth discussions and problem solving around key issues in teaching in classrooms, clinics, studios, or labs. This year (2019-20), grants will be used to build instructor capacity for supporting an inclusive classroom climate.

Funds of up to $2,500 will be awarded for projects that assemble small groups of instructors to discuss and learn together about inclusive teaching and learning practices. Funds can support activities scheduled any time during the summer or fall semester 2019.

Learning communities will gather a minimum of three times. The FIC will also interview each member of the learning communities after the ILC has ended in order to collect key insights, resources, and best practices from the groups and to inform instructor development efforts around inclusive teaching moving forward.

How do I apply? What is required for the application?

You can apply through our webform. To help you get ready, here is the information we are requesting. Applications should address all five of the following areas:

1. Description of group

  • Who is in your group? Do they come from the same department, or is a multi-disciplinary community? What brings this group together (common social identities, teaching positions, or interests)?
  • How will members be recruited and motivated to participate?
  • How often will you meet?

2. Community Plan

  • What is your plan for gatherings/members’ participation? (For example, case study discussion and strategizing, syllabus exchange, classroom observations and feedback, discussion of readings about inclusive teaching, etc.)

3. Budget

  • How do you intend to spend the grant funds? (For example, stipends for members of guest speakers, book purchases, tickets/transportation money for an experience that would inform instructor conversations about inclusive teaching, etc.)

4. Outcomes and impacts

  • What do you want to achieve with this project? (For example, increase understanding of best practices, raise campus awareness about student concerns/challenges around inclusive teaching, create resources or curriculum revision plans for UT instructors, etc.)

5.  Dissemination plans

  • What will the community produce that you can share beyond members’ insights? (For example, a workshop modeling and providing practice opportunities for inclusive teaching, a blog post or (set of) Quick FIC video(s) for the FIC website, an article or conference presentation, reporting out at department faculty meetings, etc.)

Who will be able to apply?

Any UT Austin instructor (graduate student instructors, lecturers, tenure-track, clinical, tenured) who is not currently receiving funds for teaching from the Provost.

How will the proposals be evaluated?

This is an open call where submissions will be evaluated by a team consisting of FIC staff and faculty. Funds will be awarded to proposals that most clearly demonstrate:

  1. Clear focus on campus climate and inclusive teaching
  2. Substantive rationale for how the proposed activities will support inclusive teaching
  3. Likelihood of success in recruiting and retaining participants
  4. Potential for impact on campus beyond the group’s participants
  5. Clear connection between the budget and the proposed project

Please view and download this rubric for submissions.

What is the schedule for submission?

Applications must be submitted for review by March 11th 2019. Awards will be announced in April 2019.

What ways can I give back to my UT colleagues?

At the conclusion of this year’s grants, the FIC would like to have a get-together to discuss outcomes and reflections from the learning community experience.

If I have further questions, whom do I contact?

For further questions, contact Adria Battaglia.