KWL represents another common formative assessment method. KWL stands for:

  • What do you Know?
  • What do you Want to know?, and
  • What did you Learn?  

To implement this method, prior to instruction, ask students what they know about the topic of the day and ask them what they would like to know.  You can ask students to generate their responses prior to class and submit them on your learning management system (e.g., Canvas) or by email. This will give you ample time to use this information to adjust your instruction. Specifically, you should build on students’ prior knowledge and integrate their interests into instruction.

Following instruction, you ask students to identify what they learned as a result of the class. This component encourages students to reflect on what they have learned and integrated their new knowledge with prior knowledge. If you collect and review these responses you can use this information to address any student misconceptions.