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Faculty Innovation Center February 2020 Newsletter

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February 2020

There is something for everyone this month! We hope you enjoy the three grantee spotlight videos in this newsletter and join us at the showcase on Feb. 28.


Department of Spanish and Portuguese graduate students Montserrat Madariaga and Jessica Sánchez received an ITL/ILC grant to form a land pedagogy learning community. The group addressed key questions such as, "How do we dismantle settler colonialism exclusions in the classroom?" and "How can we acknowledge our relationships with non-human beings and surroundings to help create a more inclusive classroom?" RSVP by Feb. 24 for your breakfast tacos at the Grants Showcase on Feb. 28. Proposals for 2020-2021 are due Mar. 25.

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Eyes on Teaching Deadline

Now is the time! The deadline to sign up for Eyes on Teaching is Feb. 4. This fourth annual event is an opportunity for instructors to visit other classrooms and observe different teaching styles and learning environments.


Graduate Teaching Showcase

Graduate students, we encourage you to submit a proposal by Monday, Feb. 3 at 5:00 pm. The showcase is an excellent opportunity to highlight excellent graduate student teaching at UT Austin. We encourage everyone to RSVP to attend on Mar. 6.


Creating Wicked Students

RSVP and join us Wednesday morning starting Feb. 5. to explore ways we can help students tackle hard problems. Our text will be Paul Hanstedt's Creating Wicked Students. Contact Anne Brasebyfor a copy to start reading.


PTF - "Places to Thrive"

The Provost's Teaching Fellows are excited to announce "Places to Thrive", the first session in the Spring Forward series. What makes a course inclusive? What can instructors and UT Austin do to foster inclusive teaching and learning?Join us on Feb. 26 in the FIC from 9:00-10:30



Shavonne Coleman was awarded an Undergraduate Teaching Grant for her course, "Theatre For Dialogue: Exploring Interpersonal Violence." The students learn applied theatre methodological processes which are intrinsically collaborative and lead to the implementation of prevention programming on campus. RSVP by Feb. 24 for your breakfast tacos at the Grants Showcase on Feb. 28. Proposals for 2020-2021 are due Mar. 25.

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New Series Kicking Off

Blended Learning

How do we effectively integrate learning technologies into our teaching practices and help students succeed? Join us for part one of this series - Designing Blended Courses - Feb. 7.


Collaborative Learning

How do we equip students for interactions that allow them to voice their thoughts, connections, and opinions? Students engaged in this way will be able to widen their conceptual views and solidify arguments with peers. Join us for part one of this series - Peer Sharing - Feb. 20.


Universal Design for Learning 

UDL is a framework that promotes inclusion and equity in higher education contexts by identifying and reducing barriers in ways that promote the retention and success of all students. Join us for part one of this series - UDL 101 - Feb. 25


Experiential Learning 

This is a series of workshops that will orient you to experiential learning at UT Austin and help you mentor a course developer or generate new ideas for your courses. Join us for part one of this series - What is Experiential Learning? - Feb. 6.


Dr. Jakki Bailey was awarded a Microgrant to support student learning in virtual environments. RSVP by Feb. 24 for your breakfast tacos at the Grants Showcase on Feb. 28. Microgrants will be awarded on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.

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Save the date - March


See more on our spring 2020 Flyer

News from FIC Partners

Educate Out Loud: A Research and Practice Symposium - March 6
The College of Education will host the inaugural Educate Out Loud: A Research and Practice Symposium dedicated to exploring issues and topics related to LGBTQ+ people in teacher preparation, higher education, and the field of education generally. LGBTQ+ issues in education deserve more attention, insight, and action.

Global Virtual Exchange - Due March 6
Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement Dr. Sonia Feigenbaum has launched new funding opportunities for Global Virtual Exchange (GVE) to support UT professors and their international partners to co-teach a course using technology. Faculty can deepen their international connections, innovate with project-based learning, and provide an on-campus international experience for their students.

Global Career Launch: Faculty-Driven Internships and Research - Due March 6
Faculty-Driven Internships and Research are identified and coordinated by faculty based on their connections at universities, research centers, corporations and other organizations.


Our newsletters can arrive in your inbox every month.

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