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Faculty Innovation Center March 2020 Newsletter


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March 2020

We know you are busy, so thanks for reading! Which of these interests you most? See below for details.

  • Stories About Teaching by Graduate Students (Mar. 6, Showcase)

  • Mid-Semester Check-insNew service launched to help you!
  • Grants Deadline (Mar. 25)
  • PTF Spring Forward: Space to Thrive (Mar. 24)
  • Reflections: Eyes on Teaching
  • All types of learning!
    • Experiential (Mar. 3 & Mar. 30)
    • Collaborative (Mar. 5)
    • Blended (Mar. 13)
    • Universal Design (Mar. 10 & Mar. 26)
  • April: Save the date!
    • Collaborative, Universal Design, and Blended Learning
    • ITL Symposium (Apr. 22)
  • News from FIC partners: UT OER, Education, and Texas GlobalSoti


UT's Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) is partnering with the Graduate School and UT Libraries to host our third Graduate Teaching Showcase to highlight excellent graduate student teaching at UT Austin.  The event will take place on Friday, March 6 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in PCL Learning Lab 1A/B.  The centerpiece of the Showcase is a series of personal narratives about teaching presented by UT graduate students. Get inspired by learning about the 2019 presentations including the one above. Please submit your RSVP today so we can order tacos!


New! Student Check-ins

FIC specialists are now available to help you gain valuable insights through Mid-semester feedback. We will lead confidential focus groups with students and develop a synthesized report for your review. Contact Dr. Anne Braseby with questions or set up a time.


Grants: Deadline Mar. 25

We look forward to your proposals!

PTF - Space to Thrive

The second session takes place on Mar. 24 from 12:30-2:00 in the FIC. How do physical and emotional spaces affect students’ ability to thrive on campus? What can instructors the university do to help? RSVP and join us!


Eyes on Teaching

It was another great year of celebrating teaching! Over 70 classes were observed by 300+ instructors - not for evaluation but for inspiration. Here are three personal reflections from UT Austin instructors. Feel free to share these with colleagues so we can continue advancing the culture of teaching and learning in early 2021. 

Spring Series

Blended Learning, Community

How do we effectively integrate learning technologies into our teaching practices and help students succeed? Join us for part one of this series - Building Learning Communities with Technology - Mar. 13.


Collaborative Learning

This workshop will highlight students working in groups. We will discuss activities and assessments for students working with and learning from each other on short-term projects. Join us for part two of this series - Mar. 5.


UDL Times Two 

Disability Studies as a Method for UDL takes place on Mar. 10 as part two of the series. Also, come hear from your colleagues about what they learned in UDL learning communities and celebrate their impact. Mar. 26


Experiential Learning 

Part two of this series takes place on Mar. 3 and focuses on Engaging Outside Audiences and Partners. Then, on Mar. 30, come back to discuss How Do You Know What Your Students Have Learned?

Save the date - April


See more on our spring 2020 Flyer

News from FIC Partners

Intro to OER - March 5
The UT OER Working Group is organizing another Intro to OER Workshop during Open Education Week.

Educate Out Loud: A Research and Practice Symposium - March 6
The College of Education will host the inaugural Educate Out Loud: A Research and Practice Symposium.

Global Virtual Exchange - Due March 6
Global Virtual Exchange supports UT professors and their international partners to co-teach a course using technology.

Global Career Launch: Faculty-Driven Internships and Research - Due March 6
Faculty-Driven Internships and Research are identified and coordinated by faculty based on their connections at universities, research centers, corporations and other organizations.


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