News Category: Curriculum Redesign

Designing New Curricular Pathways in the School of Journalism

March 16, 2018

The Faculty Innovation Center recently had a conversation with Kathleen McElroy, Associate Director of the School of Journalism, about her experiences so far in the curricula redesign effort currently underway in the School of Journalism in the Moody College of Communication here at UT.  Today's American universities and colleges face a challenge: how to prepare students for a changing world and how to do that in a way that is financially responsible for students and financially viable for those institutions.

Redesigning Complex Courses in Pharmacy

Sept. 8, 2017

As part of their curriculum redesign effort, the College of Pharmacy is confronting several 6-hour “monster courses.” Until now, the courses have been chunked by topic and taught by groups of expert faculty--a challenge to coordinate--and students who fail a single unit must retake the entire course. Separating these 6-credit beasts into a series of shorter courses, as short as 3 weeks and worth as little as 1 credit, will allow students to more efficiently receive credit specifically for what they've mastered. 

School of Journalism Investigates Student Perspectives

July 21, 2017

Faculty understand the challenge: the field of journalism is changing rapidly, and students who choose journalism degrees need a much wider range of continuously evolving skills. Creating a “Vision” document, with the help of the FIC in Fall 2016, prompted them to articulate those pain points clearly.