Changing Education

Redesigning the Undergraduate Experience

Provost Maurie McInnis and Executive Director Jamie Pennebaker

On March 30, 2017, UT held the Changing Education Symposium to explore new approaches to redesigning undergraduate education and to better meet the needs of a digital, mobile, and continually evolving society. The format included keynote presentations punctuated by short talks and plenty of time for discussions in breakout sessions. The organizing themes were intended to connect high-level concepts and developments with institutional decisions and instructional practice:

  • Leveraging technology: How to engage faculty in adopting digital teaching tools and delivery platforms that can educate at scale and provide flexibility without sacrificing quality.
  • Using evidence-based assessments and analytics: Collecting and analyzing data to guide change.
  • Redesigning Curricula and Scaling Innovation: Methods for redesigning students’ degree pathways, incorporating experiential learning, and changing the infrastructure of the 21st century public research university.

We invite you to check out the slide decks for now.  Videos of major sessions and interviews that showcase the symposium’s offerings are coming soon.

Program Schedule Overview

Keynote: Changing Higher Education

Morning Breakout Session

  1. Leveraging technology: Who gets to learn?
  2. Assessment and analytics: Using technology to give students feedback
  3. Redesigning and scaling: Design thinking and the entrepreneurial mindset
  4. Redesigning and scaling: Curriculum redesign: Re-evaluating the heirlooms

Plenary: Redesigning Curricula

Afternoon Breakout Session 1

  1. Leveraging technology: Remote proctoring
  2. Assessment and analytics: Measuring success of a class and a curriculum
  3. Redesigning and scaling: Bending the infrastructure: Driving educational innovation in a traditional educational environment

Afternoon Breakout Session 2

  1. Leveraging technology: Large online classes: Many flavors
  2. Assessment and analytics: Rethinking course instructor surveys
  3. Assessment and analytics: Using big data
  4. Redesigning and scaling: Moving beyond grades: New currencies to recognize and validate learning

Event Details

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Project 2021
Faculty Innovation Center

Symposium Resources

Changing Education Program
Symposium Speaker Interviews

What Participants had to say


“Candid, open discussion”

“Energetic discussion of transformative possibilities”

“New ideas for redesigning curricula.”

“Diverse pool of ideas to focus on in preparing our students for success after college.”