Changing Education

Redesigning the Undergraduate Experience

A growing number of leading universities are rethinking the delivery and design of undergraduate education. At the University of Texas at Austin, a new strategic initiative called Project 2021 is hosting a symposium to highlight the innovative work being done here and at other R1 universities on transforming undergraduate education to meet the needs of a digital, mobile, and continually evolving workplace. The symposium will showcase new approaches to redesigning undergraduate education.

The organizing themes are intended to connect high-level concepts and developments with institutional decisions and instructional practice:

  • Leveraging technology: How to engage faculty in adopting digital teaching tools and delivery platforms that can educate at scale and provide flexibility without sacrificing quality.
  • Using evidence-based assessments and analytics: Collecting and analyzing data to guide change.
  • Redesigning Curricula and Scaling Innovation: Methods for redesigning students’ degree pathways, incorporating experiential learning, and changing the infrastructure of the 21st century public research university.

Program Schedule Overview

Morning Sessions

8:00   Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30   Welcome and Framing the Day

9:00   Keynote: Changing Higher Education

10:15 Breakouts

  1. Leveraging technology: Who gets to learn?
  2. Assessment and analytics: Using technology to give students feedback
  3. Redesigning and scaling: Design thinking and the entrepreneurial mindset
  4. Redesigning and scaling: Curriculum redesign: Re-evaluating the heirlooms

11:30 Lunch

Afternoon Sessions

1:00   Plenary: Redesigning Curricula

2:15   Breakouts

  1. Leveraging technology: Remote proctoring
  2. Assessment and analytics: Measuring success of a class and a curriculum
  3. Redesigning and scaling: Bending the infrastructure: Driving educational innovation in a traditional educational environment

3:45   Breakouts

  1. Leveraging technology: Large online classes: Many flavors
  2. Assessment and analytics: Rethinking course instructor surveys
  3. Assessment and analytics: Using big data
  4. Redesigning and scaling: Moving beyond grades: New currencies to recognize and validate learning

5:00   Takeaways and Reception

Event Details

Hosted by

Project 2021
Faculty Innovation Center

Symposium Program

Changing Education 2017

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March 30th, 2017 [Thursday]
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


San Jacinto Residence Hall Rm 207 

How to get to the San Jacinto RH Conference Center from:

Main Campus - 40 Acres

Brazos Parking Garage


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