Faculty Teaching Colloquium - January 2016

Getting Students to Think: How can we prime the pump?

The Provost's Teaching Fellows, Faculty Innovation Center and the Academy of Distinguished Teachers have worked together to provide ample opportunities to exchange ideas, explore approaches and strategies that will get your students to think more deeply.

Morning Sessions 

Provost Office Teaching Initiatives - Phil Long [Project 2021]

Creative Problem Solving - Larry Speck [Architecture]

Modeling Questioning Skills - Lynn Hoare [Social Work/Theater] 

Strategies for Teaching Inquiry

  • Brian Bremen (English), Mary Claire Gerwels (Educational Psychology) & Mike Mackert (Communications)

Afternoon Concurrent Workshops

Workshop A: Thinking analytically about students thinking critically - Penne Restad [History] & Anne Braseby [Faculty Innovation Center]

Workshop B: Tried and True Methods for Creative Student Engagement in Signature Courses - Lori Holleran [Social Work]

Workshop C: Teaching Strategies to Enhance Student Critical Thinking in Scientific Inquiry Course Arturo De Lozanne & Stuart Reichler [Natural Sciences]

Closing Session

Collective Wisdom: What Works? - Lynn Hoare (Social Work/Theater) and Ruth Buskirk (Biology)



Event Program

Hosted by:

Provost’s Teaching Fellows
Faculty Innovation Center
Academy of Distinguished Teachers

January 15th, 2016 [Friday]
8:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Graduate School of Business (GSB) 2.124

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