2015 Faculty Teaching Colloquium

The Faculty Teaching Colloquium provided opportunities for faculty to discuss provocative questions about teaching and student learning and network with UT faculty across campus.  Both President Powers and Provost Fenves joined us for the wrap up session to discuss how the administration can support faculty in being effective teachers.

Morning Sessions

Teaching with the Learner in Mind

KUT studio presents a video of their radio show Two Guys on Your Head prepared especially for this colloquium. Bob Duke, Music, Chair of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, and Art Markman, Psychology, discuss how to engage and challenge students to enhance learning. Dr. Diane Schallert, Educational Psychology, followed the presentation with a discussion of current research on how college student learning is affected by their goals and interests.

Improving Teaching Through Observing Peers

Members of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers discuss their experiences of identifying good teaching when they see it by visiting the class of a colleague. Keith Brown, Business, facilitator; Thomas Garza, Slavic Studies; Mike Starbird, Mathematics; Michael Stoff, History & Plan II; Mary Steinhardt, Kinesiology.

Mixer: SharingTeaching Experiences with Other Participants

  • In what specific event or activity in your class do you feel the students learn the most, and why?
  • If someone came into your class, what would they see or hear when you’re at your best?

“Minute Paper” Activity: Part 1

On one side of the index card, please answer: "What is one thing from this morning that will be (could be, might be) reflected in your teaching this semester?"

Effective Teaching Strategies: Practical Advice from a Pro

Marilla Svinicki, Educational Psychology, discusses evidence-based teaching strategies that can improve student learning.

"Minute Paper" Activity: Part 2

One the other side of the index card answer in a few words answer: "What is one thing needed to advance teaching at UT Austin?"

Afternoon Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Wrap-Up Session with President Powers and Provost Fenves

Clicker Questions

Question 1: Which of the following would help most to increase student learning at UT Austin?"

  1. More classes with hands-on experiences
  2. More classes developing writing expertis
  3. More classes with quantitative problem-solving
  4. More classes with group or team work

Question 2: Which of the following do you think will most help improve student learning at UT Austin?

  1. Smaller class sizes
  2. More large lecture rooms
  3. More discussion rooms with moveable chairs
  4. More rooms with technology & media

Throughout the colloquium data will be collected about how you, the participants, feel you can move forward to identify and practice effective teaching. We will share these insights with the President and the Provost and ask them to respond to your ideas.


Hosted by:

Provost’s Teaching Fellows
Faculty Innovation Center
Academy of Distinguished Teachers

Friday, January 16th 2015
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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