Session 4: Building Your Course

Why Modularity?

In this session, participants learned the essentials of creating content using a starter kit of tools that included:

  • Screencasting software [content acquisition]
  • A place to host your video content
  • A tool that allows you to embed questions within the video [interactive elements]

The Online-Hybrid Institute Canvas course [for enrolled participants] provides more details and additional resources to show you what the possibilities are whether you are a do-it-yourselfer [DIYer] or have access to other resources:

  • Screencasts that we created to explain the Design to Build process including some worksheets and examples
  • We share a broad range of examples of content acquisition, interactive and practice “atoms” to expose you to ideas that might spark your own innovation.
  • How to embed what you create using the Starter Kit tools into Canvas

Putting it all together