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Provost's Teaching Fellows

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Provost's Teaching Fellows

We envision a UT-Austin campus that embraces creativity, innovation, and a passion for teaching and learning that is complementary to its mission to advance knowledge through research.
Meet the Fellows

Who We Are

The Fellows are hard-working, forward-thinking, community-minded faculty committed to improving teaching practice and campus culture at UT Austin. The current cohort of 43 Fellows represents faculty of all rank, 13 Colleges and Schools, and a multiplicity of disciplines and unique perspectives. At present, 25 Teaching Fellows pursue individual initiatives, 18 Senior Fellows provide mentorship and guidance, and 11 Alumni Fellows remain active in the program. Collectively, Fellows spearhead events that benefit the entire campus, including the New Faculty Symposium, monthly Think Tanks where faculty discuss thorny issues in a safe and collaborative environment, and Eyes on Teaching.

What We Can Do for You

Teaching Fellows undertake an individual initiative to improve teaching and learning in their own classroom, department, and/or college.  They champion excellence in teaching and are ready to assist you in helping you maximize the learning experiences within your own classes.

  • Help with questions about teaching and learning.
  • Serve as a point of contact with Faculty Innovation Center.
  • Connect you to colleagues across UT for discussions & partnerships in teaching & research.
  • Discuss how you might engage in service activities led by PTFs or the university.


PTF Activity for 2017

PTF Annual Report

Consistent with our vision and mission to enhance teaching and learning, you will learn about innovative initiatives undertaken by our individual Fellows and our partnership with the Faculty Innovation Center.

PTF Showcase

Faculty Innovation Showcase

Second-year Teaching Fellows gather with other faculty innovators to share and celebrate their work on individual projects in a series of short presentations, discussions, and panels, open to all University faculty.

Waves of Change in the Classroom

Eyes on Teaching

The Eyes on Teaching initiative is an opportunity for faculty to watch their colleagues teach, and to talk with each other about their teaching successes and struggles. The, next Eyes on Teaching will take place on February 12 & 13, 2019.