Step 4: Creating Your Syllabus

Your syllabus is a course description that serves three functions.  It is an invitation to your students to participate in your course by informing them of its rationale, learning outcomes, and content of the course and by providing an overview of the kinds of pedagogy, learning, and participation they can expect.  It is a contract between instructors and students that documents expectations for assignments, assessments, grade allocations, and student responsibilities. It is also a guiding reference to which students can refer for logistical information including the course schedule, office hours, required materials, and services available to them.  This page offers documents to help you in constructing and reviewing your syllabus to meet these three functions.

In Texas, the legislature mandates that every course syllabus is given to students and made available online. Some information is required for you to include, and some is recommended as best practice. For your convenience, we have created a template that you can download to paste in your specific information.

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