Suggestion Box

Another technique for quickly gathering data about your teaching effectiveness is a suggestion box. (You are likely familiar with suggestion boxes but not in a classroom context.) The suggestion box can improve your teaching by helping you identify new topics, instructional strategies, activities, and assignments that may better meet your students’ needs.
To use the suggestion box technique, bring a small box (maybe a shoe box) or a large envelope to each class session or hang an envelope on your office door. Invite students to provide feedback that focuses on areas of your instruction they would like to see you modify, classroom activities or assignments they might find useful, and topics about which they would like to learn more. When students focus on an area of improvement in your teaching, instruct them to identify not only deficiencies but also how you could improve your instruction in those areas.
An advantage of the suggestion box is that students may feel more comfortable critiquing you and providing constructive feedback because their comments are anonymous. Another advantage is that it does not detract from instructional time to implement. Promptly review students’ suggestions, summarize suggestions for your class, and make adjustments to your teaching as soon as possible or indicate why you will not make the suggested change.