Organizing Results

Mid-semester course feedback provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon one's teaching practices and the impact they are having on student learning.  The greatest challenge in asking open-ended questions is organizing the comments in way that helps keep an instructor focused on both what is working well and finding realistic changes that most students would appreciate.

Here are two possible approaches for sorting and analyzing open-ended comments.

Quick Sort Approach

This approach is designed to identify the major points found within open-ended responses without taking a great deal of time.  It is best used when you either need a quick turn-around or want to see what themes emerge from the students' perspective. Download

Open-ended Comments Analysis Grid

This form is designed to be used with our Short Form, which includes a closed-ended question: "Overall, this course provides an effective learning experience."  The open-ended responses are initially sorted based on this overall course rating. This approach provides a more nuanced way for analyzing and understanding student comments.  Download