This section of the site will provide information about activities you can use in your pedagogy class to help your graduate students become better teachers. The activities are organized around the kind of instructional strategy they utilize. An instructional strategy refers to a method of delivering course content. The instructional strategies included in this module are organized into three categories: interactive instructional strategies, experiential instructional strategies, and project-based instructional strategies. There are numerous instructional strategies and many frameworks for organizing them. The current framework includes only three relevant categories of instructional strategies, thus it is not exhaustive. Additionally, within the given framework as the figure shows, there is substantial overlap between instructional strategies and some authors disagree about the category in which specific instructional strategies should be placed. The instructional strategy that you select to use to teach a topic should align with the kind of knowledge or skills that you are trying to teach. The benefits of each kind of instructional strategies are discussed within each section of the module.