Lesson Plans

Lesson planning usually begins with a set of three to five learning-centered outcomes that may or may not be shared with students. These outcomes may focus on mastering content (“At the end of this class period, I want my students to know/understand X”), changing affect (“At the end of this period I want my students to feel X”), or may be process oriented (“At the end of this period I want my students to know how to X”).

Other elements of the plan include:

  • Information about the lesson’s connection to previously covered material and how students will be informed of the general plan for the class session.
  • Content to be covered.
  • Activities/methods that will be employed to facilitate student learning.  Instructional methods and in-class activities should be geared toward accomplishing learning outcomes. Lesson plans should also include opportunities for student participation and/or questioning and should allow for rich discussions that arise.
  • Resources and materials needed (handouts, PowerPoint presentation, multimedia to be used such as images and film clips)
  • Information about the approximate amount of time to be allotted to each activity or each section of a presentation.
  • Out of class work
  • Information about assessment of the learning outcomes for the lesson.
  • A summary of the lesson
  • A discussion of how to approach any out-of-class assignments
  • A preview of the next lesson.

Instructors are also encouraged to devise a system that allows them to record their reflections upon aspects of the class plan that worked well or need revision.  The lesson plan and reflection should be archived for future use.

Students in a pedagogy class might share lesson plans with other members of the class as a way to help students learn from each other’s plans and benefit from peer feedback. Pedagogy instructors should also provide feedback that is geared toward improving teaching effectiveness.

This section provides lesson plans around some common teaching strategies so that you can easily integrate content into your pedagogy class: