Teaching a course in pedagogy is a self-conscious, rewarding exercise. You will want to model effective teaching and practices in every action of the course. The modeling includes the way you greet students on the first day and interact with them throughout the semester and the syllabus that states directly the contract with students: the course assignments, assessments, and evaluation.

Each component adopted for your course should demonstrate your belief in the importance of quality teaching. In other words, model quality instruction for your students who bring varied levels of experience, interests, needs in their pursuit of teaching, scholarship, and service in higher education. Thus, dedicate planning time for the course far in advance. As developers and teachers of a course solely dedicated to pedagogy, think about what makes an effective teacher and how to best impart the skills and experience to beginning, university-level teachers. In addition, consider whether your course goals extend beyond the classroom and into larger issues about the profession and the state of U.S. higher education today.

This section provides suggestions for planning your course, including:

  • Writing course goals,
  • Drafting instructional objectives,
  • Identifying student learning outcomes,
  • Developing the pedagogy course syllabus, and
  • Selecting useful topics for discussion.