Canvas Overview

Canvas allows you to integrate multimedia course content, course communication, student assessments (quizzes, assignments, surveys, portfolios), and student grades to create a cohesive, connected virtual space for your class. You can track student progress, assign TAs for sections, input grades easily into the UT registrar’s system and even collaborate on documents within your courses. Canvas features a robust editor and quick discussion, video, audio and text chatting capabilities to help you easily connect with your TAs, students and other faculty.

To support UT instructors, we've created the Canvas Training Center. The training center offers up-to-date information on Office Hours and Workshops where we provide instructors with assistance on issues specific to your course.  We also offer modules that walk you through essential features of Canvas. You can also read through our Canvas FAQs.

Helpful Canvas Resources

The two main places you can learn more about Canvas are our Training Center Modules and the Canvas Project Site. For additional Canvas information check out: 

Canvas Overview Workshop

Canvas Support Team

For help implementing Canvas in your course, please email: