There are a variety of technological tools you can use to enhance student learning and numerous ways you can integrate them into your class. Assessing whether technology has helped your students learn is a critical component of the technology integration cycle.1

The best way to find out if students perceived the technology you used in your class as helpful is to ask them. You might do this through a whole-class conversation.  Develop some questions to guide the conversation about technology integration. For example, you might ask:

  • Did you experience any frustrations in using technology in this course and if so, what were they?
  • Did you feel supported by your instructor to use technology?
  • Did technology help you learn in this class?
  • Did you use technology to access information outside of class? How?
  • Did you use technology to organize your understanding in this class? How?
  • Were you able to demonstrate your knowledge when you took quizzes online? Why or why not? How might online quizzes have increased your understanding?
  • To what extent did you find the discussion board useful? How could it be improved to help you learn?
  • To what extent did technology help you collaborate with other students? Did it lead to increased learning?

You can also gather information from students about their perceptions about technology integration following specific assignments. For example, if you use a webquest in your class, following this assignment, ask students to reflect on any challenges they experienced, if and how it aided their learning, and what suggestions they may have for improving the assignment.  Asking them to reflect on what they learned will help you as your revise the assignment in the future and it encourages your students to be more reflective about their learning.

Another way to assess student perceptions about the usefulness of technology is to administer a survey. Provide a survey that you can adapt to your instructional context.2


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