Instructional Continuity During COVID-19
Find remote teaching tools and methods that are directly applicable, easily learned and easily implemented.
Help, Tools and Ideas

Tech to Check for Learning

Effective assessment of what your students are learning is a core design concept for your classes.  How learners are assessed shapes the way that they see your discipline and determines their ability to progress. Technology-enhanced learning tools can help you manage your workload and give your students more opportunities to develop their skills as well as their understanding of the key topics in your class.

Assessment Tools


Allows you to build flashcards, games, and learning tools that can be accessed through Canvas or Quizlet’s mobile app. In addition, there are many public flashcard sets and games available through Quizlet’s main site.


An adaptive learning platform that helps your students learn topics at their own pace and skill level. Check out our QuickFIC tutorial on the use of Cerego in the classroom.


An online tool that allows you to insert questions into videos in order to create more engaging and interactive video materials for your class. Jennifer Gonzalez offers a few suggestions in her piece, Turn video into a classroom with PlayPosit.

Effective Assessment in a Digital Age

Jisc designed this guide for those in higher and further education who design assessment and feedback for their learners.

Peer Review Tools

Canvas Peer Review

UT's LMS has a built-in Peer Review Feature that works well. Check out our QuickFIC tutorial on how to create a Peer Review Assignment in Canvas.