Five Tips for Graduate Student Instructors

The FIC provides online pedagogical support for all UT instructors in areas such as leading effective discussions and lectures, course design, assessing student learning, designing inclusive classrooms, and addressing classroom incivilities. 

Man crossing a river with water up to his chest & his pack lifted above his head

Set the tone early

On the very first day of class, clearly communicate what you expect of your students and what they can expect of you as an instructor.

Students kneel on the ocean floor in scuba gear calibrating instruments while an instructor looks on.

Create an active learning environment

Formulate questions and activities that foster inquiry, dialogue, and engagement among your students.

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Create an inclusive learning climate

Create a positive learning environment in your classroom that takes into account a diverse set of student identities that intersect and affect the lived experience and well being of each student as a whole person.

Group of Graduate students engaged in learning about teaching.

Reflect on your teaching

Seek out feedback on your teaching from students, fellow graduate student instructors, and UT staff and faculty members. Use feedback to make meaningful changes that will enhance your teaching effectiveness.

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Take Care of Yourself

Cultivate a network of support within the university by engaging with your fellow graduate students, helpful faculty members, and campus resource centers such as the Faculty Innovation Center, who can help you with your teaching. Contact us at