Undergraduate Teaching Grants (2019-20)

What are Undergraduate Teaching Grants?

The Faculty Innovation Center is pleased to offer seven undergraduate teaching grants for courses in the upcoming academic year (Fall 2019 or Spring 2020). FIC Undergraduate Teaching Grants are awards of up to $5000 that provide faculty with summer stipends or funds for personnel, equipment, or software to build courses that include undergraduate collaborative learning in the classroom modelled on best teamwork practices used in the workplace.

Congratulations to those who were recently selected for awards!


Undergraduate Teaching Award Grantees 2019


Germine Awad

Department: Educational Psychology

Project Team: Jendayi Dillard and Allison Zengilowski

Title: Improving Collaborative Learning Practices in an Academic Preparation Course


Katie Pritchett

Department: Management

Project Team: Brett Robertson and Mary Crawford

Title: Collaborative Coaching: Helping Students Apply Theory and Research to Assess the power of Collaboration in Entrepreneurial Ventures


Keri Stephens

Department: Communication Studies

Title: Moving from Large Class Group Work to Successful Collaborative Teams


Shavonne Coleman

Department: CMHC/UHC and Theater and Dance

Project Team: Voices Against Violence

Title: Fostering Inclusive Conversations on Campus: Experiential Learning for the Prevention of Interpersonal Violence through Performance-Based Learning