Faculty Innovators

How UT faculty are creating and leading a culture of innovation.
  • Julia Clarke


    Hands on research experiences for undergraduates offer unique active learning experiences with real-world questions.

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  • Renee Acosta

    College of Pharmacy

    How can I make what they are learning apply today and hopefully for the rest of their lives?

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  • Mary Neuburger

    Slavic and Eurasian Studies

    We harnessed faculty energies and expertise to create methodological and thematic modules. What emerged was a more interactive and meaningful student and faculty experience.

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  • Jazz Appreciation

    Jeff Hellmer / Butler School of Music

    This project leverages the tools and resources developed for a MOOC to enrich the original on-campus Jazz Appreciation course.

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8:00 am to 4:00 pm

The purpose of the symposium will be to share the university’s integrated approach to...

SAC Ballroom
(All day)

Save the Date! Teaching and Learning @ UT is open to everyone at UT who teaches and will...



May 26, 2017 // Spark Blog - UT Faculty Innovation Center
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May 03, 2017 // UT Provost Maurie McInnis
Many students have shared with us that they appreciate faculty who have openly discussed the tragedy in class, and I would like to thank you all for... go to article »
May 02, 2017 // Northern Illinois University Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center
In response to yesterday's tragedy at UT, our friends at Northern Illinois University sent us a link to a compilation of resources for instructors... go to article »