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About the FIC

We catalyze transformative learning experiences in partnership with instructors and academic units.
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Who We Are

Born out of the 40-year-old Center for Teaching and Learning, The Faculty Innovation Center was established in the summer of 2016 as the front door to Project 2021, a major University initiative that works with faculty, staff and students to provide evidence-based support for teaching and learning and for thoughtful redesign of degree programs across campus.

We owe a debt to the efforts of faculty who took part in the Campus Conversation and proposed solutions for supporting instructional innovation, interdisciplinary collaborations, and increased opportunities for experiential learning. We also inherit a distinguished legacy of support for instructors at all stages of their careers seeking to improve the quality of their teaching and students’ learning.

What We Can Do for You

Our mission is to catalyze transformative learning experiences in partnership with instructors and academic units. We accomplish this through four initiatives.

  • Curriculum Redesign. We work closely with teams of faculty in departments to rethink and redesign their degree programs through the lens of student needs and alumni outcomes. We funnel thorny problems of policy and infrastructure back to Project 2021 to tackle centrally.
  • Instructional Practice. We meet faculty where they are by  offering diverse offerings designed to improve the quality of their instruction.
  • Graduate Student Development. We curate communities and offer training aligned with graduate students’ needs in instructional design and delivery. We prepare future faculty, providing opportunities to advance graduate students’ pedagogical, academic, and professional progress.
  • Faculty Partnerships. We support individuals and groups seeking to experiment with new teaching techniques and collaborate with colleagues across disciplinary boundaries. Our signature programs include the Provost’s Teaching Fellows and a new portfolio of Faculty Innovation Grants, issued annually.


Our involvement with faculty across UT-Austin.

FIC Annual Report 2016-17

We reached 1362 members of the UT Austin instructional community this academic year (2016-17). Among these are instructors representing 11 of the 11 colleges/schools with undergraduate degree programs and 80% of University departments, serving 84% of undergraduate students.

Changing Education Symposium Logo with UT Tower

Changing Education Symposium

On March 30, 2017, UT held a Symposium to explore new approaches to redesigning undergraduate education and to better meet the needs of a digital, mobile, and continually evolving society.