Deeper Dive Instructional Guides

alt="Students kneel on the ocean floor in scuba gear calibrating instruments while an instructor looks on."

Deeper Dive Instructional Guides

The Deeper Dive Instructional Guides (DDIGs) are an on-demand collection of information, resources, research, and models of best practices related to important teaching and learning topics.

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Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

How can I design and facilitate my class so that all my students get the most out of it as possible?

Students walking across a bridge as giants, a river barge cruises by on the water with containers containing the major components of course design: Outcomes, Check for Learning, and Activities

Course Design

What are the fundamental principles and key decisions for crafting a good learning experience?

A map has various objects sitting on it, a magnifying glass, a camera, a pair of boots as if a trip is being planned.

Experiential Learning

How can I guide students to apply knowledge in real world situations?