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Tuesday May 26
Adapting for Remote Teaching in Canvas for Graduate Students
3 to 4 p.m.

This webinar will focus on helping graduate students and AIs build their Summer 2020 courses with remote teaching in mind. We will not be describing how to transform or overhaul a face-to-face course. Instead, we will focus on adapting past teaching practices and enabling uses of technology to build your course(s). We will be using a Modules based template that aligns with Jared Stein's Adapting to Online in a Pinch! and highlights seven core tools to adapt to remote teaching. Before this webinar, we recommend you Request a Sandbox and import the Adapting to Online template.  Tutorial - How do I import a Canvas course export package?

Register here by Tuesday, 5/26 by 8am. Zoom link will be emailed to participants prior to workshop.